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About us

Breathe in, live out.

Located in the charming historical center of Bogotá, Vivo is the hostel where you can start your Colombia experience off right. Here, you’ll find history, joy, and comfort in a place that feels like the home of a close and generous family member.

Experience & Comfort

Vivo Hostel is perfect for those looking for an oasis in the center of Bogotá: safe, close to nature, and full of life, its walls are shaped with the history of this bohemian city that offers a wide variety of possibilities for every type of visitor.

We’re passionate about making sure you live the best of Colombia in every detail. From our excellent facilities to the careful seasoning of our food, we have worked meticulously to give you an experience much more personal and authentic than a large hotel chain. That’s why at Vivo, you’ll get so much more than a hostel: an experience to remember.

In Vivo Hostel you’ll find

Andrés Milán

35 Years

Architect, musician, composer, student, businessman, passionate, dreamer. He loves a good party. Father of two dogs.

Daniel Torres

25 Years

Law student, leader, dog lover, passionate, dreamer. He loves nature and deep conversations.

Luz Elena Chamorro

49 Years

Mother, wife, organized, attentive, loving, with a delicious seasoning for Colombian dishes. She will always receive you with a huge smile.

Ángel Mujica

30 Years

Artist, tattoo artist, entrepreneur, helpful. Lover of plants, animals and gardening.

Mario Solano

24 Years

Lover of social sciences, history and good books. He loves to talk about social and political issues. Helpful and attentive.

Committed to Hospitality

In “Vivo”, we take care of having our guests as comfortable as possible, and we’re actually pretty good at it.

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