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Enjoy the most luxurious privileges.

Acoustic Shell

Our acoustic shell is a spectacular space for exclusive events, social meetings, concerts, etc.

Red Salon

The red room is a space for physical activities. In Vivo Hostel, we teach salsa and Yoga classes, which you can schedule whenever you want.

Gazebo Backyard

Shared Kitchen

Makondo Cafe – Bar

Macondo is our very own restaurant and bar! It’s named after the fictional town described in  the novels of Colombian Nobel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, including One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Funerals of Mama Grande, La Hojarasca, The Bad Hour, No One Writes to the Colonel, and Monologue of Isabel Watching Rain in Macondo.

Macondo was built on the banks of a river «with a bed of polished stones, white and whole like prehistoric eggs.» It is described as west of a real coastal city called Riohacha, separated by an almost impenetrable mountain range. To the south, the village borders on covered and covered fabrics «of an eternal vegetable cream». In the west is the Ciénaga Grande, a favorite spot of the gypsies who visit Macondo every year. It is a massive seaside lagoon, said to be inhabited by mermaids who cause the ruin of sailors from the north. 

To honor the works of Colombia’s most famous author, we’ve named our cafe and bar after the mystical village of Macondo. Here, you can escape like you would in a Garcia Marquez novel, with one of our delicious café espressos, lattes, or artesanal Colombian beers.

Vivo Handicraft Shop

100% Colombian

  • Processing time

Buyers should be advised and ask how much time it took to make the crafts, since, being handmade products, their production may take days or months. For example, a backpack takes 20 days.

  • Analyze the texture of each artery

The texture of the fibers should be analyzed and felt, as this will give us an idea about the quality of the product. In the case of vueltiaos hats, these must be soft and flexible.

  • Know the history of each piece

When buying a craft it is essential that customers know the history and origin of each item. Only in this way will they understand their true value, their story, and why they are unique.

Other Facilities

Terrace Vivo

Dining Room


Vivo Cuisine