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100% Colombian 

The process of bringing a delicious cup of Colombian coffee to millions of consumers around the world is not easy. From the plant to the cup requires the effort and dedication of hundreds of thousands of families whose plot sizes are less than two hectares. In addition, the joint effort of people engaged in threshing, transport, and storage make sure consumers around the world get to enjoy an outstanding coffee .

Behind Colombian coffee, however, there is not only a continuous effort to support quality; there is also a little-known story of how coffee cultivators in Colombia came together to overcome challenges and achieve common goals. Coffee land in Colombia not only stands out for having extremely favorable conditions to produce high quality mountain coffee: it also imposes logistical challenges and demands. Communities thus developed  strategies that help sustain their economy and their quality of life. Those who enjoy consuming 100% Colombian coffee know that their delicious cup, Was made possible by values ​​of sacrifice, honesty, and collective action, making the product unique in both its quality and its history.